Hope Music Academy - The Beginning!

Hope Music Academy was founded on October 16th 2016 by Mrs. Cheryl Evans and Ms. Dale Layne. It was inspired by a series of events:

  • Dale’s and Cheryl’s ideas for having a school in a country they both love, giving back to the society.
  • Dale’s love for teaching and a passion for owning a school one day.
  • Cheryl’s visit to Barbados in May 2016, where she noticed children with lots of free time, then envisioned them channeling that spare time into musical capability.

Cheryl, having a background working with and managing a music school in the UK, and being a school Governor also in the UK, got the wheels turning and CherDale Music Services Limited trading as Hope Music Academy was born.

This duo team met in the early days at church where they both sang in the Youth Choir. The friendship however started when they both pursued the same programe at the Barbados Community College, Associate Degree in Marketing. The two clicked and a friendship ensued, not fully realizing they would be business partners one day.

Upon leaving Barbados Community College (BCC) with Assoc. Degree under their belt, the duo thought they were ready for the challenge of owning a business and would often discuss this possibility. It was never realized until now, as Dale continued her journey of working in Travel, and Cheryl went off to live in the UK, both crafting ideas and creating the possibilities for a school, which is now Hope. Dale’s career in travel led her to pursue an MSc, in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Cheryl pursed a Masters in Business Administration, (MBA).

Cheryl is President and CEO of Hope Music Academy and is ultimately responsible for the planning and development direction, format and operational structure, and financial aspects of the business. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in finance and is currently Head of Financial Transactions at a firm in the UK where she spearheads a fast growing team.

Dale‘s love for planning, organizing and marketing, charges her with the responsibility for the marketing side of the business in her role as Vice President & Managing Director.

Hope was the name chosen for the music academy as the duo team wanted to provide HOPE to those persons who probably heard about music but did not think they would ordinarily have the opportunity to learn music. Hope will also be zeroing in on those special needs persons who are gifted with that musical talent and need that opportunity to play or learn music. Hope Music Academy’s fees are incumbent upon that premise. Their aim is not about profit but providing Hope for persons interested in Music. Hence their slogan…”Where there is Music; there is Hope”….


Hope Music Academy exists to provide students with the opportunity to develop their musical discipline with the aim of reinforcing and inculcating artistic expression and creative growth.

We are committed to ensuring we remain a central place in contemporary society thereby creating and educating the next generation of musical leaders.


Hope Music Academy aspires to:

To become the premier music Academy in Barbados and the Caribbean, offering comprehensive programs and performance opportunities to support a diverse student population.

Be the institution that continuously address the needs of its students and values the experience their talent affords them.

Strive to be the benchmark for which other institutions measure success.

Celebrate excellence in teaching and innovation achieved by our team members.

To sustain and enhance a supportive, caring and nurturing environment among it staff, students and families.

To give back to society by creating opportunities for careers in music.

Core Values

High achievement

Excellence in teaching