Darren Massiah


Barbadian Musician, Darren Massiah, believes that if he can do all things through Christ who gives him strength, This 25 year old backs up his passion for Music by attaining an Associate Degree in Music from the Barbados Community College.

Massiah started playing the Saxophone at the age of 10 at the St. Leonards Boys’ Secondary school. Since then he has played many Instruments including the drums piano but has taken to the Guitar as his Primary Instrument.

Since Becoming a Music Major He has functioned in many Capacities in 2012 and onward, He is a member of the 1688 Orchestra, was the Barbados Community College Big Band (Guitarist), was the Barbados Community College Stefan Van den Bossche Jazz Ensemble(Guitarist), was the Barbados Community College Andre Woodvine Jazz Ensemble (Guitarist), Currently is Neesha Woodz Gospel Band (Guitarist), was the Barbados Community College U.C.C.F Chorale (Chorale Director), Currently is Molasses Jazz Band (Managing & Creative Director) and Currently a part-time teacher at The Rock Christian School and Part-time tutor at the Barbados Community College.

He has been actively performing with the Orchestra ever since. His motto which he adopted from his Cousin Matthew Squires which says “Beat off Work with a Stick”, which in layman’s terms means diligently practice your craft, has guided him successfully throughout all of his endeavors across the in the Musical realms as he arranges his own music.

Darren’s dream is to change and influence the lives of Barbadian Professionals and laymen, alike with his music, as a means to bring something new to the Barbados entertainment market; a production of Music that is so vibrant and unique, that everyone in and around Barbados and the world will want to sample it and will frequently visit Barbados just to get a taste.

Darren Massiah strongly believes that with God all things are possible; therefore all that is left to be done is to go forth and conquer.